My Re-imagined USS Enterprise Part 2

My Re-imagined USS Enterprise 2

I have not posted in a while, But I have not been idle. I’ve been working on my version of the USS Enterprise over the last week, working out the deck layout as best I can, using the blueprints by Charles Casimiro again as a guide.

But the problem is that the windows don´t really line up with the proposed decks as far as I can see, (if the Enterprise is 947 ft long, and I think I mentioned somewhere, I like the Enterprise to be 23 deck as mentioned in the
“Making of Star Trek” by Stephen E Whitfield.

A book I would love to still have, but I remember that description and it has stayed with me since the 1980s when I first got my hands on a copy 11 deck in the primary hull and 16 decks in the engineering hull and I remember vaguely trying to work that out back then, with no success.

OK now I have a new way to work on this and still that does not work again the model was never meant to be looked at this, this closely

The Pylon Neck is the problem too, it’s so tall for a normal deck height to be used in all levels so the easiest way forward is to suggest that some decks are taller than others.

Enterprise Remaster 05

Enterprise Remaster 06

This is my solution.

The levels in the Engineering hull, some are taller, the average is around 8ft tall and working up. the areas in the pylon neck where they connect to the Primary Hull and the secondary hull look to be the best place to make the deck taller.

The top of the pylon would house the latching mechanism for the saucer and the neck, and that worked for me,  But I wondered about the lower section of the Pylon and did not think the same thing is needed there?. so after some thought I considered this could be a place to send the Turbo Elevators for storage / repair.

That works for me too.

Then there was the Engineering section….. I always thought this should be very tall areas with lots of machinery, beyond what could be shown in the 1960s show and there budget.

Oh I forgot , I did increase the scale of the model from 947 ft too my preferred scale of 1080 ft…. and I think it works better and give some more room to play with.


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