6 comments on “Starship Dimensions: Battlestar Galactica (TOS) Part 1

  1. I like 6080, that looks pretty good. Smaller is not right, that’s for sure. 2000 ft is laughable, it’s clearly way bigger than any Starfleet ship seen to date. Of course, the problem is, this was all done with models that aren’t to scale and it changes from shot to shot on the show, so it’s hard to be certain.


    • Its the only scale that I found would fit whats on the screen, and you make a very valid point with the models also not to scale.

      In fact looking at some of the renders I made (I altered the models in Lightwave to scale with a small degree of error) I have the Galactica at 6087ft and the 30ft Viper fits perfectly.

      But I think if the Viper was the apparent canon 29ft the 6080ft works just as well…. ?

      I think it really depends on the scale you like.

      I am basing that on the width of the lower wings of the Viper as it travels through the end of the launch tube.


  2. Cool work. I would have to see it beside the film footage to really agree. The documents have some incorrect statements I should also add. There we’re episodes where an extra person was in a viper (supporting a 30 ft length). A 6076ft (1nmi) vessel would need to have a larger crew.


  3. Anyway, let the math teacher chime in…

    “Here it is, now read down to the length which is at 0.264 miles or 2000 ft.” That the dubious one liner that gave birth to the 2000 foot idea.
    However, 0.264 miles doesn’t equal 2000 feet. 0.264 miles = 1394 feet. It he whole 2000 foot idea was just wrong. 1 naughtical mile works with most of the show, although I feel like 8000-9000 feet would work better with the shuttle and Eastern Alliance.

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    • I have a friend who agrees with something over 8000ft + long and it works for me too:). the other scales I read over the years esp 2000 feet or 4000 feet never looked right, I knew the basic scale by John Dykstra was the Nautical mile and the Viper around 28.5 or 30. feet long depending on the source you use just about fits the diameter of the Galactica Launch tubes according to the scale work I did on the model, I used the Viper as it has the most important relation to the physical scale to the Galactica and its Launch tubes.

      The Shuttles where estimated to be around 110 feet long by Dykstra but I have heard of another scale as 85 feet long, the shuttle can fit at that scale with some head room to spare you can see images I rendered on the blog

      The Eastern Alliance ship is a very cool design and large. its the one design that we have that enters the landing bay and we know very little about. but I have seen fan estimates of the scale by Jim Steveson

      Thanks for the comment


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