Starship Dimensions: Battlestar Galactica (TOS) Part 3

Battlestar Galactica

Space Ship Dimensions


“what size is your ship ?”

Continued 3

I want to show you all the key classic designs along side each other using the main ships from these shows, Focusing on the Battlestar Galactica using designs from other shows Star Trek TMP Star Trek TNG Star Wars, These following images are showing the scale of each ship with a very small degree of error as calculated by official sources

USS Enterprise Refit: length -1000 ft – by Dennis Bailey

USS Enterprise D: length – 2000 ft – by Prologic9

  Imperial Star-destroyer: length –  5249 ft or 1600m by Fractalsponge

Battlestar Galactica: length 6080ft by Folkrm

These are to scale and I was very surprised when I saw the Battlestar and the Star-destroyer along side each other, yet I feel the Star-destroyer looks more imposing because of its shape.

I always knew the scale of the original Enterprise and it refit would be just longer than the launch bay on the Star-destroyer given the scale of the rebel blockade runner in a little shorter than the Enterprise at around 492 ft approximately.

I liked this image the moment I saw the angle… the scale of the Galactica is so impressive.


8 thoughts on “Starship Dimensions: Battlestar Galactica (TOS) Part 3”

  1. The Star Destroyer is looking very small with the Galactica at that size.
    I’d have to take a bit of license in a render if those would be the canon scales.


    1. Its surprised me when I saw the models scaled and along side each other..

      I would have thought they would have been nearer each other in length,

      But I found using the scales of both the Viper and the shuttle craft that 6080ft works best ….

      even then I think the Destroyer look more imposing …… lol


  2. “The ship is too big. If I walk, the movie will be over.” 😛

    Wow, I never realized Galactica was quite that big. I mean I know it’s big, but I’ve never seen it against an ISD before. Of course, the ISD itself looks huge in SW because it’s against ships like the Millennium Falcon, Blockade Runner and TIE fighters. Next to them, it looks gargantuan. (but not so much next to the Executor ;)) However, it’s a real eye opener to see it against Galactica. But, the scales feel right. If you think of the size of the hangers and whatnot and look at the size of the windows, it really is that large. I wonder which one has a bigger crew. 😉


    1. “lol” your right there… its a big one.

      As to your question about the crew compliment.
      “According to officially available statistics, Imperial-class Star Destroyers had at least 37,000 officers and crew.” source

      but we run into problems when it comes to a battlestar compliment, if were using the canon source from the TV show…… there are 6000 people in the fleet according to Captain Apollo in the episode “Gun on Ice Planet Zero”.

      that would stretch very thin over 220 rag tag ships….

      But I like to think if there could be a crew compliment for a Battlestar would be (or could be) 6000 + crew and Apollo was referring to the crew and the ship where he lives.

      6000+ Standard crew. with capacity for more if required. i.e troop deployment. equipment etc.

      Your guess is as good as mine.

      But when I look at “The Nimitz Class aircraft” carriers are the largest warships ever built. With over 6000 personnel and they are around 1000ft as far as I know.


      1. If there are only 6,000 people on that ship, why do they have to sleep on bunks? 😛

        Yeah, I thought they mentioned numbers on BSG, but I couldn’t remember which episode and what the numbers were. It seems low, but they also had people dying on a weekly basis on that show with no means to easily replenish them. However, they also talked about space issues in the fleet. It seems to me that Galactica had room to spare. (but they also had room for Silver Spur squadron when they came over from Pegasus)

        As for the ISD, they’re getting into more realistic numbers as far as what a military would be willing to cram on a ship that size. I’ve been on a transport truck or two in my day with a *few* more than the “recommended” maximum. 😉 The old “The ship’s big, so we’re going to cram it full” schtick.


        1. Yes those are my thoughts too.

          In the novels which I read from time to time tell it takes thousands to operate it.

          My thinking is this. Star Wars ships for the most part is more advanced and some equipment could be a lot smaller than in there Colonial counterparts.

          The Empire been a galaxy wide power.

          The Colonial a local star system power.
          (I don´t like the accepted idea that the original colonial planets are in one system, I favor a multi star system origination)

          The Battlestar could have large amount of it internal space taken up by equipment just to keep it running and would need the crews to keep it in fighting trim, and the colonials do not have droids (that we have seen) to assist
          them in this.

          I like a reserved number of 20.000 + just to keep it going and defended, then add the Viper pilots warriors which I calculate to be at least 150, or 75 per launch bay, and perhaps a 4 or 5 man pit crew.

          The Battlestars weaponry are “Manned and Operated” as said in the show.

          anyway they are the numbers I like 🙂


  3. Galactica is too big, the galactica is 5080 feet long and the galaxy class enterprise is 2102 feet long. This lenghts are documented!


    1. Yes a small error on my part on the Enterprise D of a 102 ft.

      But I found the 6080ft work with the 29ft or 30ft Viper launch tubes and the Viper just fits with little margin for error……

      The one nautical mile figure is made by both Glen Larson and John Dykstra which is 6076 ft in a interview in a British Magazine to quote the relevant part.

      6080 ft – This measurement comes from an article in a British magazine by one of the three owners of the Galactica Archives and estimated the scale of the model to be about 1/960 scale (1 inch = 80 ft). This measurement is roughly supported by Glen Larson (Producer) and John Dykstra (VFX supervisor) who say the ship is about a mile in length. The extra material on the DVD also says the ship is a mile long. This measurement is exactly one nautical mile. Again I don’t have the article and will trust this scale was stated.

      I tried the Galactica model at around 4150+ ft and the Vipers are just to tall and wide for the launch Tubes, at least for me… but 5080ft could work I am sure…. But I still favor that 6080ft scale as it fits other aspects that I was considering at the time…

      If I find the time I will look at that scale and see if it works, thanks for the comment


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