Klingon Battle Cruiser – the bridge set in lightwave

Klingon K’t’inga Bridge Set
in Lightwave

Going back to my earlier posting about Star Trek Klingon set designs I built for a film, on hiatus I also built the battle cruiser bridge set and corridor, I spent a number of weeks on this design and even got in touch with Andrew Probert who designed the Klingon bridge in Star Trek The Motion Picture regarding one or two features I could not make out. He very kindly answered and I continued to build the model, my intention was to open up the Klingon bridge set a little more for the need of CGI character movement. I made a few uninspired additions to the bridge and would not do the same now if I was building this again.

I used a friend model of the A Klingon K’t’inga-class battle cruiser (prologic9) available on foundation3d website and use his bridge are to help me layout the bridge set and set the right scale for the characters, I think I nailed it here,

To expand on this set I also designed the corridors for a scene of crew men going about their business, I used the corridors seen in Star Trek The Undiscovered Country as a guide for this,, as it was the same class and I felt that the Klingon don´t go in for to much change…… if it works why change it attitude.

these models are available on foundation3d


5 thoughts on “Klingon Battle Cruiser – the bridge set in lightwave”

  1. I know I’ve seen bits of this set before, but I don’t think I ever saw the whole thing until now. Awesome work, bro, it’s a really great set. 🙂


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