Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey – Bridge

Klingon Bird of Prey Bridge

I built this models for a animated film which is no longer been worked on at all. But I enjoyed building for it with my good friend Fretslayer aka Dan Baran, who helped with the textures

This is looking forward, the look of the bridge is narrow due to the camera setting to get as mush of the bridge into the frame.

Looking Aft

This was a quick build for me and the first set I ever made in lightwave for the film. It (the film story) called Star Trek: The Armageddon Clock was written by Dan Baran (Fretslayer) and I had some (minor) input for the overall story. we where working so hard on it with a few others and we ran out of steam, I designed a number of sets for it, as I said this was the first just before I joined the team fully, once I joined and we got to work on some areas of the story the plot expanded and more sets where called for.

One of my ideas for the story was the use of a little used design and to move away from the Galaxy Class or the like, a Stargazer design or a Constellation Class Star Cruiser


I liked this design and I think it worked for the story, not sure if Dan felt the same way about it as I did, but more on that later. A quick note. The model we where going to use was built by evilgenius180 and can be seen in his art gallery


To expand on the idea we though seen the Klingon battle cruiser again would be fun… in this case the K’t’inga – class was the one I wanted to see again and I would have a go at building a bridge and corridor for that.

but that is for another post


3 thoughts on “Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey – Bridge”

  1. For the record… I didn’t exactly dig the Constellation design at first. But after animating it in several scenes I came to understand why Ger liked it. It was different, quirky and not something we see often as a main ship in a Trek story. “The Armageddon Clock” will eventually see the light of day – far too much work has gone into the pre-production and writing for it not to. However at this moment, right now, our time and energy is better spent on a project that will translate into a pocket full of coins. 🙂 But mark my words…eventually we will see the ‘Armageddon Clock’ story unfold. And Ger did a lot more than minor writing… he took my story, fleshed it out and spun it into an epic tale. Don’t let him fool ya… the story is easily 50% his. 😛


  2. [whispers] psst… It’s Bird of Prey, not Bird of Pray [/whispers]

    You know I love the bridge, Ger. Great stuff. 😀


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