U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model part 5

Wire-frames of the model.

This is something that many 3D models want to see short of having the model to look at, the wire-frames

This is my last entry for the modelling aspect of the Enterprise design. Now I have to work on some basic textures, after a year writing the tutorial and modelling this area is just a little rusty ,The finished model little textures used but enough for this time


4 thoughts on “U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model part 5”

  1. That’s true, we do like our wireframes. 🙂

    Wow, that looks good. Nice and clean. I see you packed some of the problem areas on the engineering section with extra polygons. (good idea :))


  2. Yeah I thought that if I have to have lots of segment or side polygons, I want them to work for me….

    The tutorial originally for me was as a basic record how I built the model and trying out some ideas that I have been considering for some time.

    Good or bad I did not know, but the approach so far has been well received.


    1. Yeah 🙂 its a texture…… worked out just fine….. the poly-count was rising to much for an area little seen, so I gave the texture ago.


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