4 thoughts on “U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model part 4”

  1. What, no text on the little sign next to the warp pylon? ­čśŤ

    Seriously, it’s looking great. I’m glad I came over here, you only posted the one measly picture on 3D Gladiators.


  2. Yeah I am bad ­čÖé

    I will have to correct the single image on 3DG later

    modelled the names was easier than expected.


    1. I don’t know how Lightwave is (yet) but modeling the names in trueSpace is a cinch. ­čÖé And there are so many advantages over textured markings, like not having to worry about how close you can get with the camera before the markings get blurry.


  3. I have always liked to stencil the name to ships for that very reason you mention, Lightwave is the same, its easy to too. ­čÖé


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