U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model Part 1

Star Trek

U.S.S. Enterprise

The most famous space ship ever created for a film or TV series, must be the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE for Gene Roddenberry´s hugely popular Star Trek. I have always loved the design by Walter Matthew Jefferies, with the idea it is recognizable from any angle. Gene Roddenberry has been quoted as saying:

“if the audience does not believe it, they are not going to believe a multimillion dollar series investment.”

I think that was a very wise move and moved film makers away from flying saucers and rockets into the more exciting area of FTL travel using antimatter to give the craft the power to travel between the stars.


This is my model based on the blueprint by Charles Casimiro

I am building this in Lightwave tutorial, but more on that in the future.

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